Usapang Migration (Migration Conversations)

A brief note from Angel: I have the highest respect for Overseas Filipino Workers. A Pinoy is a Pinoy wherever he or she may be and the color of his or her passport has nothing to do with it.

Different circumstances push individuals to live away from the Philippines. It is not my intention to question their reasons. It is scary to totally uproot yourself from your native land and start from scratch in a place where friends and relatives may be few. It is my dream, though, that eventually, the Philippines will be prosperous and promising enough so that most Filipinos can stay home or will want to stay home.

I was listening to a talk in church last week and I was seated next to my mom's friend. She belatedly learned that I had quit my job and she started a conversation which led to the issue of migration. Here is how the migration conversation went:

Mrs. G: Wala ba kayong balak mag-migrate? (Don't you have plans of migrating?)

Angel: Ay wala ho. Gusto ko ho dito sa Pilipinas. (We don't have plans of migrating. I like it here in the Philippines.)

Mrs. G: Sabi kasi nila, wala nang pag-asa ang Pilipinas. (Some people say that there is no hope for the Philippines.)

Angel: Naku, hindi ho ako naniniwala diyan. Kahit saan may pag-asa. Puwedeng umasenso. (I don't believe that there is no more hope for the Philippines. Hope is found everywhere. You can progress in the Philippines.)

Then I went on to speak about how Filipinos do so well in other countries as systems are in place, things are orderly, and opportunities abound. We are happy about their successes but I would be happier if more people succeeded in the Philippines. As far as I'm concerned, the Philippines is the new "if I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere" place. I just hope that in the coming years, more Filipinos will have that desire to even try to "make it here."

Mabuhay ang Pilipino -- saan man tayo naroroon.

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, September 21, 2006]

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