When Friends Meet

"Don't be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again.

And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends." - Richard Bach

Now that I am not office-bound, I am freer to meet with friends, even on weekdays. Yesterday, I met up with my friend Bing (aka Doray) Veloso whom I have not seen in years (about 9 years perhaps -- other than the accidental meetings at Powerbooks or places where there are books.)

I guess now you know why there were no blog postings yesterday. We had lunch, told tales about how our lives have unfolded and marvelled at how the days seemed to have taken us so far away from our UP School of Economics days. She now has a band called Bailan and is a 38-year old indigenous Pinoy rock star. Meron palang ganoon?

It was uncanny but as I start a life away from the office, she has been living in that world all these years. It was good to listen to her encouragement about how being on my own will lead me to manage my time and my resources better. I marvelled at how happy and excited she seemed to be about her band, her workshops, and her other interests which seem so far removed from economic concepts like GDP or inflation.

I got a gift from her too -- her specially made Baybayin Pocket Cards. The Baybayin, according to Bing, "is an ancient Filipino writing system." Her pocket cards were "created to guide the ordinary Filipino in familiarizing himself/herself with this extraordinary heritage." Each card features a symbol, a syllable, and a verse written personally by Bing. The Baybayin Pocket Cards can be used as inspirational cards.

If you are interested to get hold of these cards (for yourself or to give away as gifts), you may let me know and send me mail and I will get you in touch with her. It was funny but as we discussed my recent career change, she asked me to randomly pick 3 cards and here are the ones that I chose from the pile which was put face down: (The verses have been cited here with permission from Bing Veloso)


"Tantananantan tan tan.
Tapos na, tapos na.
Wala nang kasunod.
Uwian na.
Lahat ay ipagpabukas
Tantananantan tan tan."

English version:

"Tantananantan tan tan.
It has ended.
It has ended.
There is no more.
It is time to go.
Leave the rest for
Tantananantan tan tan."

Stranger still. The next card - Ma

"Tahimik na magmuni.
Hayaang mamunga
ang iyong sinapupunan.
Itikom ang bibig
Hayaang magsalita
ang katahimikan."

"Quietly contemplate.
Allow your womb
to come
to fruition.
Seal your lips.
Let silence speak."

And the last: Wa

"Walang-wala na.
Wagaywayin mo man
ang iyong bandila.
Kung mangyayari
walong siglo pa.
Umuwi ka na lang
at magpahinga."

"It is no more.
Even if you wave your flag
to surrender,
It is no more.
If ever
it will come to be,
it will take
eight eons more.
It is best
that you just go home
and have a rest."

What else can I say?

Anyway, we'll see where the days ahead will lead. Bing points out that the syllables I chose were very near Tumawa (which means to laugh or to be happy) and Timawa which can have one of two meanings. In the olden times (pre-Spanish), it referred to someone who was free, in contrast to the alipin (slave) or maharlika (nobility). In modern use, however, timawa may also refer to someone who is poor. I think I will be keeping the original meaning in mind. Haha.

So, I look forward to more days of meeting friends and learning from them. It's funny but Bing (or Doray) and I just seem to get hold of each other -- after several years -- by some twist of fate. As I was talking about my lunch yesterday and how Bing pops up every now and then, my husband commented: "Parang bula?" (Like a bubble?) Yes -- pretty much like a bubble -- light, colorful, and just moving with the wind. =)

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, September 7, 2006]

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