Gliding in New Zealand

Nope, I haven't been anywhere near New Zealand (how I wish I have!), I just happen to have a friend who's now working there. Every now and then, he sends us mail about his adventures over there -- just like that Lord of the Rings Exhibit thing.

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Well, one time, he wrote to us about his gliding experience. Again, I asked for permission to share the information with viloria readers, so here it is:

How does gliding go? The glider, first of all, does not have an engine. It follows the laws of nature -- making use of gravity, wind lifts, air currents, etc. The glider must be towed by a small aircraft. The glider is attached to the plane by a rope. and at a certain altitude, you pull the lever, the rope disengages, and the glider is free! The pilot then has to steer to where the wind is, detect the wind currents, and then land the glider safely. Get the picture?

There are two seater planes and my friend went on one, with his friend as pilot. There are controls inside the plane (both in front and at the back), and you also have pedals. My friend says while you are worrying about all the details, you will be treated to views of verdant mountains and glorious sea views.

My friend says gliding is not for the faint of heart. You have to learn to "ride with the wind" and in their case, they managed to stay up there for 30 minutes. He now intends to take lessons which he says are not cheap but reasonably priced.

So, when you find yourself somewhere in New Zealand, want to try gliding? It may make you turn spiritual and you may learn a thing or two from the will of the wind.

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