Partying OnBoard the M.S. Philippines

Are you looking for a unique place to celebrate your birthday or any other special occasion? You may want to consider the ship, the M.S. Philippines which is docked near the Manila Hotel.

We were at a debut last Saturday and that's where the party was held. You access the ship from Manila Hotel, go in the direction of the pool, walk a pretty good distance and there you are -- onboard the ship!

The deck (or do they call it the Promenade) was decorated with balloons all around the pool (yup, on the ship), there was a screen for the audiovisual presentation, and one part of the deck was set up like a stage for the cotillon/program. A buffet dinner was enjoyed by all the guests. It was a little warm though in the open air (no airconditioning of course) so the celebrant was lucky it did not rain. I guess the place is best used during the non-rainy season. Had it rained, the host said the party would have been moved to inside the ship.

To get to the ship, there's quite a long walk from the regular Manila Hotel entrance. For older guests who may have difficulty walking, you may arrange for wheelchairs to be available to bring them to the ship. It's also quite dark as you walk from the Manila Hotel to the ship so do watch your step when approaching the poolside.

Anyway, it's still a unique experience to have or attend a party there. So for your next celebration, all aboard?

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, May 23, 2006]

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