I will be attending a wedding later and am sure the couple put in a lot of work to make sure that the event goes smoothly. I should know.

When Manuel and I got married years ago -- weddings were much simpler and yet, we had to put in a lot of time to make sure everything went well. Back then, there was no need for wedding planners or organizers (I was it!), no need to for programs during the reception -- save for the usual cake cutting, toast, and flower and garter thing and photos were not yet digital. You do the math.

Now, as I attend weddings, I am glad that we got married years ago. Things just seem much more complicated and expensive today. Still, there also appears to be more events that make it easier for a couple to compare suppliers so they could choose the best one available. We didn't have wedding fairs and expos in those olden days. =)

For couples intending to tie the knot in the next 6 months or so, you may want to check out the Wedding Expo to be held at the NBC Tent in Fort Bonifacio Global City on March 4, 2006 (12 noon to 8pm) and on March 5, 2006 (10am to 8pm). You are sure to find a host of useful ideas there and can be steps closer to your dream wedding.

I used to think that if a couple could survive the stress of planning their wedding, then they're probably at least half-way to having a fruitful, lasting union. Well, this much I can say -- plan your wedding and make sure it goes smoothly but after the ceremony, realize that your real work has only started. The realities of daily life (especially when the kids come) are sure to test your patience and love much more than preparing for the actual wedding ceremony. Still, we wish all couples about to be married years of joy, peace, and burdens made lighter because they are shared. As for couples who are already married, congratulations to you and may you truly live out the vows that you made on your wedding day which should seem only like the day before yesterday. =)

[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, February 26, 2006]

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