My EDSA: Person Power

My favorite writer, Conrado de Quiros, believes in mounting as many EDSAs as needed to effect necessary change. I do not agree with him -- but he remains a favorite nonetheless, for we are all entitled to our own opinions.

We were there during EDSA 2 when we toppled President Erap, only to replace him with GMA. EDSA 1, I remember vaguely though our living very near EDSA makes it difficult not to be in on things. We all had high hopes after EDSA 1. We hoped again after EDSA 2. A few months after EDSA 2, I vowed never to join any EDSA rally again. Old crooks are replaced by newer crooks. Of what use is EDSA if things do not change for better?

Do not get me wrong. I have not given up hope on the Philippines or on Filipinos. Just our politicians. I mean, take them out of the picture and wouldn't our lives be perfect? We have the best teachers, the best nurses, the best doctors, the best entertainers -- name the profession, we can match any other nation with our skills and abilities. What's wrong with having rotten politicians to balance things a bit?

So, I have stopped looking to government or to our national leaders to improve our lot or my lot. My EDSA is right where I am -- not out there in the streets. I can improve my life by taking care of my little corner of this, our beautiful country. I will rely on me, my person -- for that is the only thing or aspect that I have control over. It is not apathy. It is not acceptance of what is wrong. It's just a simple realization that we can only change this country bit by bit by the way we live our lives everyday. How do we find our "person power" or our individual EDSAs?

Earn: Do your work well. Be productive. Find ways to support your needs through honest work. Do not rely on dole-outs. Do not seek to get rich quick.

Do Good: Be concerned about your fellow Pinoy. Smile at your neighbor. Be kind to your co-workers. Give of your time and resources to help others.

Study: Improve yourself continuously. Learn without ceasing.

Acknowledge: There is a Higher Being than our national or local leaders. God, in all His goodness, never makes mistakes. His timing is never off. All our experiences just prepare us to be better people, stronger Filipinos.

On this, the eve of the 20th anniversary of Edsa People Power, let us all pray for our nation. Let us pray that God will raise up the right leader in due time. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Mabuhay ang tunay na Pilipino! Marangal, masipag, maka-Diyos. =)

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, February 24, 2006]

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