The Next Cell Phone

Did I read it right? Next Mobile has been granted a license to offer cellular service too?

Good for consumers! I remember that before Sun Cellular came in, SMART and Globe were pretty content just sharing whatever market there was. When Sun came in with its pricing, we suddenly saw SMART and Globe with their own pricing promos as well. Even if most of us were not Sun subscribers, most cell phone users were probably grateful to Sun for all the pricing promos that came their way.

With another cell phone company coming, things can only get better for cell phone users.

As for uses for cell phones in the near-term, there's a lot of news about 3G. Yesterday, driving home, I noticed a billboard of SMART already -- the next 3iG (it's supposed to read BIG as the three was written more like a B) thing and the wireless revolution right before your eyes. Globe also has its 3G offerings but I have not yet seen them promote 3G as much. The way I understand it, 3G hasn't taken off as significantly elsewhere but who knows, the Philippine market may be different. Streaming video, video calls, access to the internet. What else is next? Well, if you can read this from your phone with 3G, wouldn't that be better for me? Anyway, we'll just see.

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, January 3, 2006]

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