Hello (Gar) SEA (South East Asian Games)

Our politicians should really be ashamed of themselves. They have tainted the country's image so, that now, there are accusations from sports and national officials from other countries participating in the South East Asian Games that we are rigging the results that's why the Philippines is leading in the latest medal count.

I don't know how accurate the quotes and the news reports are but since we see them as headlines in the major newspapers, can't help but react.

I knew the timing of Garci's resurfacing was not too good. Jokes were actually going around that he appeared again to make sure we led in the SEA medal count. Bad joke and I didn't mean to say it here but now that there's talk of cheating and all, might as well share it.

Well, I don't think there is any hanky-panky going on. I don't have any proof to back that opinion up but I think our athletes are playing the games and winning them fair and square. The Philippines may lack resources but Pinoys have a lot of heart. =)
Besides, I do think there is such a thing as homecourt advantage. Our athletes just need to think about their games and are not bothered by adjusting to the surroundings, the food, the language, etc., etc. Besides, they have the support of the whole nation -- something that none of our politicians have been able to accomplish.

Maybe our sportscasters should rethink the way they word their commentaries. "Naghakot ng medalya" does not sound too good. We all know that in the political scene, "hakot" refers to paying people to get them to attend rallies or particular gatherings. I guess when your political scene is so messed up, the sports scene blurs too.

Anyway, as I heard over the radio on DZBB from Chino Trinidad this morning, "Mga komentaryo yan ng talunan." (That's the commentary of those who have lost.). To our athletes, you have made our country so proud in the way that you have played the games. The gold, silver, and bronze medals are nice bonuses. This is not a shameless plug for a major telco but as they say: "Basta Pinoy. Posible." Basta Pinoy. Panalo. At walang dayaan dito. On with the games! =)

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, December 1, 2005]

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