Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

We finally caught the fourth movie in the Harry Potter series last Saturday. It was enjoyable though a bit slow at the start although movie reviews which said that this was the best Harry Potter movie ever probably raised my expectations so that I went away a bit disappointed.

Bitin. The much publicized encounter between Voldemort and Harry was too short to be exciting. The "young love" angle was not sweet nor "kilig" enough. The effects were pretty good -- especially when it came to the Quidditch World Cup and of course, the tri-wizard (or should we say quad?) competition. Keep in mind though that these comments are being made by someone who has not read the book. For all I know, that's exactly how JK Rowling meant those scenes to be. =)

Well, 9-year old Adi enjoyed the movie so that was fine. Harry Potter was again his usual "good, perfect self" -- the classic underdog whom everybody roots for. No wonder Harry Potter is such a hit with Pinoys. He's survived Voldemort, is basically a good person, has powers but almost always gets into trouble. In the end, though, he always succeeds. Sounds like the Pinoy story, doesn't it? We've survived our politicians and leaders, are a very talented and generally, kind-hearted race but look at the lives that the majority lead? Well, we still hold on to the hope that the day will come when good shall triumph over evil in our beloved land. =)

Still, can't help but sometimes think that Harry Potter, as a character, is a bit flat. He's just too perfect and nice. Was commenting to the hubby na "wala namang taong ganyan." Well, the hubby intelligently points out: "E hindi naman siya tao." Nga naman.

Oh well... till the next movie.

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, November 29, 2005]

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