Marketing to Women and QTV 11

On November 11 (or 11/11), that's tomorrow, GMA 7 will launch a sister station known as QTV 11 which they say stands for quality TV. We shall see in the coming months just what they mean by "quality" although from their print ads, I don't really see much difference nor do any of the programs strike me as "truly watchable."

The station is being positioned to cater mostly to women. I read an article before that if you want to sell or move your products, sell to women. More travel arrangements, for example, are being made by women as women move up the corporate ladder and have more purchasing power.

First, we saw credit cards for women. Insurance products for women. I have read about a hotel exclusively for women elsewhere in the world. Now, in the Philippines, we have the launching of a TV station targetting mostly women. Will the advertisers have a field day?

Most purchasing decisions in the home are done by women -- mothers, yayas, cooks. As you go up the income brackets, though, I think women will have less time to watch TV or even if they had the time, might choose to do something else. What's the best way to reach them? Print media via newspapers and women's magazines. Radio during the morning and evening rush hour. Late night news on TV. Doctor's clinics, schools, gyms and spas.

Anyway, we shall see how QTV 11 shapes up. Stay tuned! =)

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, November 10, 2005]

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