Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Movies that Make Our Kids Read

Our family is scheduled to watch the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this coming weekend. Ever since promotions for the movie started, my 8-year old son Adi has been asking me to get him a copy of the book by Roald Dahl.

It was out of stock at National Bookstore, Galleria Branch. Last weekend, I finally found it at Powerbooks at Megamall and it appears that the book is selling well. The saleslady said that there were now only 3 copies left and that they expect another delivery soon.

I guess the movie has generated interest in the book and that's good. Upon arriving at home for Sunday lunch, I gave Adi the book. He was so excited! It was good to see him so excited over something which was not related to TV, X-box, or Gameboy. He started reading the book immediately and by nighttime, he was done. Now, I'm going to read it...

So movies or tv and reading are not mutually exclusive after all. One can help fuel interest in the other so should more movie outfits come out with all those reading classics? Not a bad idea.

We'll let you know how the movie turns out next week. Got to go. Time to read. =)

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[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, August 9, 2005]

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