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Everytime the surveys reveal that PGMA's rating has dropped, we can expect the people at Malacaņang to come out with a statement that being president is not a matter of popularity. Sadly, though, the way elections and electoral campaigns are run in our country, the Philippines, the presidential post usually goes to the most popular and the popular choice is more often than not, not the best nor the most qualified as history has shown.

I was on my way to a business meeting last Friday, August 5, when my boss' cellphone rang. It was his assistant wanting to speak to me. Wondering what it was all about, I took the phone and in a few minutes heard the words: "Angel, patay na yung presidente mo."

It took me awhile to realize what she had meant for I am not one to be part of that Philippines of this or that president. PGMA is the present president right -- although a lot of people are questioning that. Of course, it finally dawned on me that Raul Roco had indeed passed away. Another text from a friend had the same message and only then did I realize that people did associate me with my presidential bet in 2004. I had probably tried to convince them to vote for Raul Roco but the presidency was really not in the stars for him.

We request all readers to say a prayer for the soul of former Senator Raul Roco. I have never met him personally but for some reason, he struck me as intelligent, eloquent, and the kind of leader that this country needs. Even when he was reported to be sick prior to the elections, I never did change my mind about voting for him. I only have one vote. I will not waste it on someone who may have a bigger chance of winning but whom to me, is not the best or ideal.

It may have been a blessing that Roco was never president. Today, we remember him fondly and well and have nothing in our memories of possible scandals and scams that usually accompany the presidency. Who knows, now that Raul Roco has gone on ahead to the Father, the Philippines may yet see the prosperity and glory that we have been searching for as a people. We have one heck of a lawyer and a Filipino up there surely defending our case and our cause.

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, August 8, 2005]

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