Ziya na va ang Zuce?

Anak ng Garci!@#$%^&* Or should I say Hello, Jueteng?

What started out as two separate issues against PGMA -- jueteng and election fraud -- have slowly merged into a stranger story right before our very eyes. What do we make of Michaelangelo Zuce, he, with an angelic sounding name but painting the political picture even blacker and dimmer for PGMA? Do you believe him? Do I believe him? Is he the key (pun intended) witness that we have been looking for? I read Patricia Evangelista's column in the Philippine Star last Friday and there, she admonished the opposition to go and find their Clarissa Ocampo. Well, is Zuce it?

Zuce states that PGMA had personal knowledge and direct participation in election fraud in 2004. That steps to ensure victory for the president started way back in 2002. Well, can anyone tell us where Garci is? How can the government not find this single person who seems to be the key to everything?

I remember this old Eat Bulaga joke which goes: "Why does the door knob?" The answer: "Because the key." Totally senseless right but you still smile though a bit tiredly. Much like Philippine politics.

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, August 2, 2005]

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