Doesn't it really feel like the SONA (State of the Nation Address) is in the air? PGMA has been making pronouncements left and right, much like a student cramming for the finals. Well, she will have to say something positive on Monday, right?

There's the arrest of the drug lord. The forming of the Truth Commission. And of course, the P1 billion release for the pre-need plan victims who may want to transfer to state colleges and universities. Where has PGMA been hiding all this time? If it took her 3 weeks to comment on the Hello Garci tapes, I think it took her 3 years to comment on this whole pre-need brouhaha. The CAP problem has been there like forever and Pacific Plans, -- that has been discussed several times over and we didn't hear a peep from Malacaņang. Now, PGMA proudly enters the scene with her P1 billion cash loot and her pronouncements of how education is so important to everyone. Hello? (I must not do that -- this whole problem we have started with one hello...)

Don't get me wrong. I am glad that the pre-need planholders will have an option. But I don't really think this whole announcement is about pre-need. It's about a plain and simple need and it just happens to be PGMA's.

Postscript: Monday, July 25, the day of the SONA has been declared a non-working holiday in Metro Manila. Is PGMA encouraging us to join the rallies? Or does she want our undivided attention when she speaks? Whatever the reason, am glad for the 1-day break but what does that tell you about the State of the Nation?

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, July 22, 2005]

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