The Westin Kuala Lumpur

During our latest training in Kuala Lumpur in June 2005, we stayed at the Westin Kuala Lumpur, located at the Bukit Bintang area. The Bukit Bintang area is centrally located, quite busy and lively, and one of our colleagues, described it as one of the hearts of the city.

The Westin Kuala Lumpur is located on the same side (and quite close to) Regent and Marriott where I had previously stayed. Of the three, I think I liked the Westin the best -- it was quieter and relatively new too, I am told. Just about a year in existence?

The rooms are very spacious -- mine had a view of the Petronas Twin Towers, the KL Tower, and this huge excavation/construction area which will be another mall, I am told. All beds at the Westin are known as the "Heavenly Bed." For a moment, we were worried that we would oversleep and not get to our training. Well, nothing of that sort happened. The bed, though, was soft and comfy and although it didn't feel like much of a difference to me, my colleagues did mention that it felt like the bed would adjust to your body. Well, I did have a restful sleep there so you couldn't argue with that.

Aside from the heavenly bed, they also have the "Heavenly Bath." All the toiletries (e.g. shampoo, soap) were labelled such. They did smell nice -- but of course, we all know that this is all really a marketing game. Anyway, the bathroom was big -- with separate/compartmentalized shower, bathtub, and toilet -- so the room is ideal to share with someone else. Hmmm... maybe I should bring the hubby and the kids back to KL?

The room comes with buffet breakfast at The Living Room and there you can have your fill of the following: bread and pastries; omelette, eggs, bacon (beef only in KL), sausages; fruits and appetizers like smoked salmon and salads; cereal; Chinese, Japanese, and Malaysian viands -- like congee, miso soup, noodles with various condiments, beef and chicken rendang. Don't take breakfast here if you are on a diet. They also did have yummy hot chocolate which I asked for everytime they would offer me coffee or tea.

The pool was quite inviting though I didn't get to try it out. All the more reason to return, right? They also have a Westin Kids Club which I think my kids will enjoy. The Westin Kids Club is open from 10am-6pm to kids 2 to 12 years old. There are various activities like Art Projects, Sing-along, games, etc. Of course, there is a price to having fun. They charge RM 20 for the first hour (that's about P300 to us Pinoys) and each succeeding hour goes for RM 15.

So, if you happen to be in KL and are looking for a great place to stay (with no limits as to your budget -- as there are numerous, cheaper hotels), check out the Westin Kuala Lumpur.

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, July 20, 2005]

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