Been There, Heard That

CD nanaman? Oh please... As if our presently unfolding political mess were not enough to raise our blood pressures, here comes Chavit Singson with yet another CD -- this time involving ex-president Erap and his reported plan to have PGMA killed. There are also references to a General Nazareno and the elections, I think.

I think Ricky Lee has to step in somewhere here as the script is really getting to be very bad. Whose side is Chavit on? Something tells me he may actually be working against Gloria. Hindi ba nakakainis? Hindi niya rin daw alam kung saan nanggaling ang CD. Hmmm...shades of Kit Tatad pa. Gasgas na yang linyang yan. Magiging battle of the CDs na ito.

At the rate we are going, wiretapping will soon join mud-slinging and never-ending politicking as our national sport. Susme.

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, July 15, 2005]

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