Heart Attack Risk

There's a new test called Cardiac Calcium Scoring at St. Luke's Medical Center here in Quezon City. I saw the ad for the test in the newspapers weeks ago.

The test is described as being able to detect the presence of calcium or plaque deposits in your coronary arteries and this gives some indication on whether you are at risk of a heart attack. By undergoing this test, doctors and patients will learn about potential problems and will be able to take steps to prevent a worsening of any heart disease or minimize the possibility of a heart attack actually occurring.

If interested in this test, you may inquire about details at St. Luke's by calling +632 723-03-01. Then again, tests are tests and no matter what you do -- how long you live is actually up to God's will. So eat healthy foods, stay fit with exercise, and pray. Take the test if it makes you feel better or secure. Just take good care of your heart. As a previous ad went: "It's the only one you've got."

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, June 14, 2005]

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