Million Dollar Disappointment

This movie is perfect proof that you can't believe every review or everything you read. (This blog, included - so if you want to see the movie Million Dollar Baby and pass judgement on it yourself, go ahead...make Clint Eastwood's day...) Anyway, the movie's okay -- but still can't believe that it bagged the Oscars' Best Picture award. Does that mean I should stay away from the rest of the nominated movies if that's the best of the lot? Well, my parents did rave about Sideways...

The story was so-so and not too memorable actually. Hillary Swank, though, is good as the boxer (I can still hear her voice as she calls Eastwood boss) and her chemistry with Clint Eastwood's character is something else. Eastwood has aged well and I can't believe how he continues to stay active in Hollywood, writing, directing, etc. That said, I found the story/movie quite slow, not quite moving as I expected or as reviewers said it would be, and I really did not like the ending. Don't always go for happy endings but this one is just too bleak.

Actually, the hubby and I have not been able to think of a movie we really enjoyed in a long time, aside from the usual kiddie stuff. We liked The Incredibles (cartoony stuff again) but regular movies for adults, most just seem so so-so after you see the entire film. Haven't watched a movie that I could really rave about in a long, long time. Most of it, you just go - ok lang, puwede na.

Anyway, till the next movie date. That will be Robots -- so it will probably be enjoyable.

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, March 7, 2005]

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