Getting Those Pioneer Print Ads

First of all, does anybody know which ad agency is responsible for those Pioneer print ads which appeared in the Philippine Star, January 14, 2005, Young Star section, pages F-1 to F-4? Ang galing! Sing-galing ng Pilipino.

In this day of doom and gloom, those ads were like a whiff of fresh air. If you didn't see them, try and look for a back issue of the Star and check out what I mean.

The ads (4 separate ones) feature Ateneo basketball players, a chef named Ronnie Macuja, the Loboc Children's Choir, and Dr. Josette Biyo (worldwide winner, 2002 excellence in teaching award). As you can probably guess, the ads focus on outstanding and/or world-class Filipinos, highlighting their achievements and positive qualities. The copies of the ads are well-written and highlight values like commitment, passion, discipline, and focus. My favorites are the ones of the Loboc Children's Choir (gulp, no sweets and soda?) and of Dr. Biyo (about not having a mansion to her name but a planet will do).

Am not in the market for the company's services but I take my hats off to them for their ads. They just highlight what we have known (but seem to forget from time to time) about the Pinoy all along -- that we are creative, talented, and we have what it takes to succeed. Now, we should all get that.

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, January 19, 2005]

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