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It has been another year on the net and in this world. People come, people go. Events start, events end... only to begin entirely new events. I don't know about you but 2004 seemed to be one long year. From time to time we say how the days go by so quickly but looking back, it has been one different year. Am not exactly glad to see it go but I wish that all of us will have an infinitely better 2005.

2004 was the year of major car repairs. It was an asthma-free year for me (I can almost hear my husband groaning - oh no, she had to say it). It was the year of deaths (in the family, in the country, in the region) but there were a few babies born to close friends as well. It was the year my mom and dad both turned 80 and we thank God for the gift of long life. 2004 brought difficult business and economic conditions -- and we can only rise up to the challenge of creating a prosperous 2005. It was the year I lost the elections for the nth time and we look around and see that not much has changed. We were charmed by Bohol and in my mind, all Filipinos should make it a point to see the place. 2004 brought numerous quizzes, tests, and homework as I attend Grade 2 homeschool courtesy of my 8-year old son. It was a year of visits to KL, Malaysia and Jeju, Korea. I started writing for Philippine Fiesta, giving Fil-Am readers, the view from home. We returned to our second home, St. Luke's, courtesy of Ali's Kawasaki Disease. It was a year of prayers and of realizing just how many people cared for our family. Caught up with classmates too, some after 20 years, and am amazed by how much things have changed even as they remain the same. It was the year of tsunamis, of Winnie and Yoyong, and of being grateful that we continue to be alive and we press on for a reason. Adi, my 8-year old, received his First Holy Communion. The mass was touching, not at all boring, and I pray, that in this sometimes confusing world, he will stay close to Jesus each and every day.

It was the year of unexpected gifts. Of difficult events which we didn't recognize as gifts. Of people sent to us as gifts. Through the years, I have learned that life is all about relationships. We get busy, are busy -- and yet we try and relate as best as we can -- with our God, with the person next to you, with a distant friend, with a stranger. And so, even as we may be a bit battered from the year which is about to end, we look forward to a much better 2005. Anno Domini. In the year of the Lord. Each year is a good year when seen through eyes of faith. God bless all our readers, family, and friends. Thank you for all your questions and e-mail. We appreciate your taking time to write and for thinking that our opinions count. To those who made life more comfortable and pleasant, thank you. To those who made life more interesting, thank you too. In 2005, may your troubles be few and your blessings abundant. Come as you are. Go with a smile. Cheers!

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, December 28, 2004]

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