President Carlos P. Garcia's Residence and Dauis Church in Bohol

The house of President Carlos P. Garcia (don't forget the "P" lest you confuse him with another Carlos Garcia), former president of the Republic of the Philippines, has been turned into a museum of sorts. Going around the house, I found out that he was also formerly governor and congressman too.

There are a lot of artifacts and items on display. From World War 2, you have the hat of a Japanese soldier, various weapons, Japanese money, among others. There are also pictures/paintings of Boholano heroes like Dagohoy and Salazar. There's also memorabilia from President Garcia's time as president - we see the suit that he wore at his inaugural, gowns of First Lady Leonila, and paintings and chess sets of the family. Turns out, President Garcia was an avid chess player.

After visiting the house of President Garcia, we passed by Dauis Church, another famous church in Bohol which dates back to the Spanish times. This church has a well near the altar and as all old churches go, is very interesting to take in and look at.

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[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, December 6, 2004]

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