To a Hospital in Carmen, Bohol

Didn't think too much of Ali's fall in the bathroom in Baclayon until she fell asleep a few minutes after in the van and then threw up. Before that, she was her usual talkative self so I really was not worried. When she became sleepy and threw up though, I remembered her fall so I thought it best to have her checked by a doctor.

Our tour guide Jinggay and driver Eddie were very nice and took us to the nearest hospital in Carmen. I think Ali threw up twice before we reached the hospital and was not talking at all. She was also very asleep.

The doctor asked us to lay her on a hospital bed and went on to wake her by calling to Ali pretty loudly. He also asked questions on how her fall was, how she was after, etc., etc. Since Ali would not wake up, even with his calling out her name several times, and after he checked her pupils with his flashlight, he suggested that we bring her to a hospital in Tagbilaran City which would have a CT scan just to be safe and sure.

Probably seeing our misgiving about having a CT scan, the doctor asked for permission to pinch Ali just to see if she would respond to pain. He then pinched her on the leg, pretty hard and of course, Ali cried so loudly and woke up.

The doctor then said that there was probably no need for a CT scan and asked us just to observe Ali. He also prescribed a medicine which would control her vomiting. The doctor thought that she probably got tired and dizzy from the zigzag/winding/narrow roads on the way to Chocolate Hills. Manuel and I were feeling a bit woozy ourselves from the ride so we didn't worry much after.

We asked the doctor how much we would have to pay and he said to the lady at the counter: "Bayad, may bayad ba tayo dito?" (Payment? Do we accept payments here?). The lady behind the counter then explained that we had gone to a government hospital and that there was no charge - just a donation, if we wanted to give one. We did give a donation -- and that's probably the main reason why we were brought there. It was actually quite strange finally benefiting directly and quite specifically from some service provided by government.

Anyway, for the rest of the day, Ali was okay for as long as she was out of the van. She must have thrown up about several times after as the medicine the doctor prescribed was out of stock. We must have checked with 2 drugstores and they didn't have it. I figured God didn't want Ali to take the medication.

Still feeling a bit worried, I told myself I would bring Ali to Tagbilaran City if she still continued to vomit the next day. She stopped vomiting as soon as we were back in the resort for dinner. So, for families wanting to do some travelling in Bohol, it may be more ideal for bigger kids. 5 and up perhaps? You never know how your kids will react to the road trip.

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[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, November 17, 2004]

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