Dionatext Winner Grows Plants and Kids

The web has really allowed me to meet lots of people whom I am not most likely to meet under normal circumstances. One such person is Honorio or Noi Cruz - one of the Dionatext winners and who also won Textanaga and Dalitext. So as I told him, he has won all the "contexts" sponsored by the National Commission on Culture and Arts and by the UP Institute of Creative Writing.

Here's the winning diona of Noi Cruz:

"Ang palo ng magulang,
Parang ambon sa palay
Pampaganda ng sapaw."

Noi is a father and a farmer. It is interesting to hear about how he came out with his diona. Inspiration came when it rained in Manila on February 22. Noi was worried about his rice plant which was in the "flowering stage" as rain (ulan) may damage the flowers. So he prayed for "ambon" (or a light drizzle) in Bulacan where his plants are.

He likens growing plants to raising kids. Both need the right stuff at the right time. Excess in anything will damage both plants and kids. Discipline, if moderate, (similar to ambon) can be good. Discipline, if too much, can be destructive. Ambon is gentle while ulan can be likened to "bugbog."

Thanks Noi for letting me share your diona with viloria readers. I have told him that I do not believe personally in "palo" or spanking but I do appreciate a good poem when I see one.

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, March 9, 2004]

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