When Gunning for the Presidency: No Talk? BIG MISTAKE

The handlers (and I do mean handlers) of FPJ must really believe in the saying: "Less talk, less mistakes. No talk, no mistake."

How else can you explain FPJ's silence? It has been weeks since the start of the campaign period and I have yet to hear anything substantial come out of FPJ's mouth. In fact, the most significant statements I have heard to date came from Willie Nepomuceno, impersonating FPJ, on an AM radio show.

The argument that FPJ just prefers to do more work than talk is plain baloney. Statements made to this effect in this morning's papers are the height of arrogance! Sinong niloloko nila? Do they really think the Filipino people will fall for such inane excuses?

And on the point that he prefers to listen to the needs of the people than talk, that to me is an indication that he really isn't meant for the presidency. A Filipino president will have to be a "multi-tasker" to the max. If you can't listen, and think, and talk, and plan at the same time, then you can't be president of the Philippines. This is a position that requires a person to be able to do several things at the same time.

Anyway, I hope the Filipino people will see through these excuses and NOT VOTE for FPJ by May 10. And I ask his supporters, how can you foist such a leader on the Filipino people? Someone who can't even speak his mind? And since when did working and talking become mutually exclusive tasks?

Communication is an important skill. For an entry-level job in any company, try not speaking during an interview - do you think you'll get in? Why should it be any different for the presidency?

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, February 26, 2004]

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