Moon Day Entry: Bumps and Gifts

Recently, I have been a magnet for car bumps and accidents. Nothing major to hurt me or any of my passengers, but irritating enough to add little scratches, not so little dents, here and there on the right side of my car, mostly. Just this morning, someone bumped me from behind while I had been at a full stop for quite some time.

All throughout today, I had been wondering why other cars, pick-ups, buses - had been hitting me and to this moment, I really don't know the answer. Have learned to be thankful though that I am always kept safe and that I own my car - so I don't have to face any irate parent, company, or spouse.

Feeling a bit down this morning ( I had just changed my tail light two weeks ago - from another accident), I asked my boss to pray for me. He asked me if I prayed for protection when I drive and I do. Anyway, I'll have my car blessed again soon and I'll have myself blessed too. Anyway, a few good things happened to me today. My boss gave me a white blouse for no occasion - consuelo ko daw. He also brought lots of yummy food for all of us at the office to enjoy. I look around and hear of more serious problems regarding health, family and am thankful that all I have is a car with dents, scratches and a cracked bumper. But my boss did tell me that the message is clear: I need a new car! Well, we'll have to see how business goes...

So, just like life, we get bumped here and there - but together with the bumps, we realize that there is lots to be thankful for. Good food, generous and caring people around us. And so, as my notebook says today: " Lord, I do give thee thanks for the abundance that is mine." Even if it is an abundance of car bumps... ;-)

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, February 16, 2004]

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