Andito na ang Perya ng Bayan

When elections start, most people say that the biggest circus is in town. I hesitate to say "circus" though since "circuses" aren't too common here in the Philippines. If ever, they are mostly imported from abroad.

"Perya" (Fairs or carnivals) would be more like it. Pasasakayin tayo sa chubibo ng mga politiko, di ba?

Anyway, it's just the start of the campaign period and already, you can already feel the heat. Traffic was bad along Roxas Boulevard as FPJ was at the Cuneta Astrodome this morning. The parked vehicles (of FPJ's supporters, I suppose) occupied one lane of Roxas so the movement of vehicles slowed down. They're not going to win votes that way...(Well, if you think about it, they don't have my vote anyway. So what, if I get stuck in traffic?)

Well, pay attention to what the candidates say or do not say. As I heard over AM radio, yesterday:

Iba-iba ang mga kandidato.
May hindi nagsasalita.
May salita nang salita.
May walang isang salita.
May pag nagsalita, patay ka.
At may isang ang salita ay himala.

Give the above your best guess. Remember, choose wisely...

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, February 10, 2004]

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