The Things We Pick Up in Traffic

If like me you are blessed to travel through Edsa regularly (and I do mean blessed in that I am healthy enough to drive, I have a car to drive, and I have a job to drive to), you may have noticed the sign that they have at San Carlos Seminary past Guadalupe, southbound. Traffic was moving quite slowly the other day, that I managed to remember what was written.

It's worth sharing as we start the year so here goes:

"O Lord
I leave my past to Your mercy
I leave my present to Your love
I leave my future to Your providence."

So who says there isn't any benefit to being stuck in traffic? So in any irritating situation, try and keep your cool. There may be something wonderful to be discovered and learned, right then and there.

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, January 7, 2004]

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