The full moon has yet to appear by January 7, 2004 but the forthcoming elections have already had quite a "maddening effect" on the way people think. The deadline for filing of certificates of candidacies yesterday was marked by surprises to say the least. After awhile, it was confusing to keep track of which politician was with what group since when and why and how?

Amid the confusion, several questions come to mind:

1. With Osmena and Miriam bolting FPJ's camp, would it be wise now to vote for FPJ? Isn't there something redeeming there in that development?

2. How can Ping expect to win as president when he can't even find or convince anyone to run with him as his vice president? As senators? The last I heard Ping Lacson will go at it alone. Can't get anyone to work with you during a campaign, how can you rule?

3. Why did Bayani Fernando back out from the race for VP? Whom will we vote for now? He seemed to be the acceptable choice for VP and the fact that he backed out proves it even more. Maybe I'll just leave the space blank.

4. Should we now vote for PGMA? The fact that she has succeeded in bringing in opposition people into her team may signal the start of a smoother administration. Besides, she's the only one with an almost complete senatorial ticket (with Jaworski, Revilla and Lapid - groan). She probably also is our best bet against an FPJ presidency.

5. Should we support Roco? Nothing much has come out of his camp recently. Would we be better off giving him our votes than PGMA?

6. And the toughest question of all for Quezon City residents: Who will be your vice mayor - Herbert Bautista or Dingdong Avanzado?

Tough questions, huh? Have you got any answers?

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, January 6, 2004]

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