The last I checked, there were twenty-four hours in a day. I have not had the chance to write in the last few days though as work and family (and homework) have kept the days full.

For those staying in the Philippines, did you get to catch the TV series Twenty-four on Channel 9? My in-laws did - although actually, they caught Twelve since Channel 9 didn't complete the airing of the twenty-four episodes. It's quite a mean thing to do considering that the series is quite a thriller - with endless twists and turns in the story.

The concept is interesting. Everything happens within one day - twenty-four hours. Events happen in "real time." I've been following the series for a few weeks now (when I get some free time - which is usually late at night)and I'm only at episode 16 (so 16 hours down of that one whole day). The series made me realize just how long one day can be and how so many things can happen all at once.My hubby and I were talking about the series one time and we imagined a scenario where we would just spend one whole day watching and finishing the show - with chips and all. I'd probably get a headache.

What is the story about? Federal Agent Jack Bauer (played by Kiefer Sutherland) heads a Counter Terrorist unit and he's supposed to protect Senator Palmer, a candidate running for president from an assassination attempt. Sounds simple enough right? Wrong.

So if you get the chance to watch the show, try seeing it and see if you can stop midway and forget about the whole story forever. There's a second season by the way but I think I'll need a break after the first season before I start that one.

Twenty-four, only twenty-four hours in a day. Thanks for giving me a few of your very precious minutes. ;-)

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, August 29, 2003]

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