The Tooth of the Matter

My son Adi has lost two of his teeth quite recently. At first, he was quite scared to have his tooth pulled out but after learning about the tooth fairy, he was brave enough. My father even told him: "Why don't we pull out all of your teeth so you'll have lots of money." Of course, he knew lolo was joking.

One time, I wondered aloud: "Adi, how come this second tooth is much bigger than the first one?"

Without stopping to think, Adi replied: "Because that's how God made it." See what we get when we talk to kids? We get stumped - and sometimes we can't say where an answer came from.

Maybe that was a friendly reminder for me not to think about things too much. We don't want to die from over-analysis and believe me, when your work involves analysis - it comes to a point where we may ask too many questions, some not too critical. We think or feel too much and you don't know where things may lead - to Oakwood perhaps, for some?

So inquire, but don't go overboard. Think but don't stress yourself out. As my boss reminded us yesterday - "Joy is having the quiet confidence that God is in control." A good frame of mind to keep amidst these times. As I wrote in my younger days:

"Huwag mo nang subuking alamin
ang lahat ukol sa mundo.
Sapagkat maghapon ka man magtanong
kung ba't ganon at ba't gan'to.
Di mo pa din matatalos
lahat ng kanyang sekreto,
sapagkat ika'y di Diyos,
kundi tao."

Sorry - but something will be lost in translating. It won't sound like a poem for one. So whatever pains or changes life brings us, believe that God is in control. And that's the t(r)ooth.

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, July 29, 2003]

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