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Previously, I had an entry on how, in one incident, the MMDA traffic enforcers contributed to worsening a traffic jam rather than helping ease it. A pro-MMDA web visitor subsequently wrote us, demanding that we apologize to the MMDA.

We did no such thing, of course and would like to share the following incident as Exhibit 2 -- in our pointing out that the way things are done may need serious re-examining.

There used to be a perfectly healthy hump along White Plains Avenue near the White Plains Gate of Corinthian Gardens subdivision. The MMDA, in its anti-humps drive in recent months, took that hump away. Without the hump, drivers going into Corinthians, coming out of Corinthians, or just driving straight along White Plains Avenue, now need to be extra careful in gauging whether they should stop or go.

Sometimes, 2 or 3 traffic enforcers are stationed now at that intersection to aid in directing drivers. As if that were not bad enough, the spot where the healthy hump used to be has now been repainted with yellow and black stripes - to give the illusion of the hump still being there - which don't fool the drivers anyway. So let me ask you: "Why did they take out the hump in the first place?" Didn't they just waste taxpayers' money?

I rest my case. We taxpayers demand an apology.

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, May 15, 2003]

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