The Price of Nostalgia

We finally got to see the store Landes at the 5th level of Podium. They sell lots of nice toys, puzzles, and games there! The items are quite expensive but the selection is not the usual kind you'd find in department stores and even in Toy Kingdom. We suggest you check it out, particularly if you're looking for gifts for favorite nieces/nephews or godchildren - or even for your wife or hubby.

We only bought one game yesterday - Stratego. This is a board game I played when I was a kid and although I've been on the look out for it in recent years, I never was lucky enough to find it. Just the other day, Adi was asking me: "Mommy, what games did you used to play when you were a kid?" I talked about Stratego, Monopoly, cards, Scrabble. Now I even remember Othello, Mastermind -- and of course all my dolls with their super-nice names.

Stratego is some sort of Game of the Generals -- where the two competing players have to strategize on how best to go after the opponent's flag. Winning isn't easy. The game can be quite tricky. For example, a 10 (Marshall) is the highest-ranking piece and can only be beaten by a Spy - provided the Spy attacks first. The Spy, on the other hand, can be beaten by even the lowest-ranking 2 (Scout).

The game was quite expensive but we bought it anyway. It brought back happy memories of my childhood, particularly of our long-time driver Popoy who patiently played Stratego with me - even if sometimes I'd send the pieces crashing when I felt I was about to lose. Popoy, by the way is also the one who taught me how to drive - yes - that long-staying - from childhood till I graduated from college. On special occasions like Christmas, he still calls the house and drops by once in awhile.

Anyway, we've played 3 games so far - with Daddy Manuel as the constant. I've lost one game while Adi has lost two. Adi's learning quick though. From a literal and quick massacre for the first game, he went on to play more lengthily in the next one. He even had the chance to win in one instance!

Oh well - we'll be playing Stratego a lot if only to bring the price per game down. For the meantime, I'll stay away first from products that remind me of more youthful days. ;-)

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, May 12, 2003]

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