Diamonds in a Disaster

The first time I heard about the Laoag Air incident was on my way to work. That's the beauty of AM radio - you hear about things when they happen. News of the crash hit the papers the next morning but the thought of how really fleeting life can be hit me 24 hours earlier.

We all feel regret for the lives that were lost. In this crisis though it was good to still see people helping out as they happened to be "there" right in the middle of it all. The morning joggers who rushed the victims to nearby hospitals. The fishermen who threw away their catch to make space for the victims in their boats. The divers/Coast Guard who searched till every body was accounted for. It is true that in every crisis, some good comes out. Even in disasters, some brilliance shines through...

And I'm not talking about the politicians. Definitely.

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, November 14, 2002]

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