If There's a Will, There's a Wade

Adi had no class today so swimming this afternoon was included in his schedule . The plan was for Mang Nonoy (Adi's swimming buddy) to come to the house at 4pm so Adi could swim for an hour. We chose an afternoon sked since the mornings may be quite cold.

At about 2pm, I noticed that it was raining quite hard. Complete with thunder and lightning, in fact. I called up the house to ask if it was raining there too and it was. I talked to Adi to condition his mind that he might only get the chance to swim tomorrow.

He was disappointed to say the least. He was so excited to swim that I could detect the sadness in his voice when he said: "But I want to swim today..."

I responded by saying: "But how will you swim, it's raining?"

Adi's reply: "Mang Nonoy will use an umbrella?"

Cute scene, huh? 6-year old kid swimming while swimming buddy shields him from rain with an umbrella. I don't think Adi got to swim but he just showed me how a determined mind works. There are no boundaries and limitations to someone who wants something badly enough. Then again, no one talked about MOM.

So the next time you find yourself faced by a daunting task but a task you want to do nonetheless - don't mind the rain. Just remember, whip out your umbrella and swim...

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, November 8, 2002]

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