Ulan Lang Yan

Have not been in the mood to write lately. There are things to write about but I can't seem to get myself to type out all my thoughts. I guess those days really come.

I've been meaning to write about this since weeks ago. I was on my way to see a client, together with my boss and bank people we were dealing with. It didn't look like rain and since the office we were going to was just across the street, we decided to walk instead of taking the car. And we had no umbrellas (although I earlier had the chance to get one).

Not even halfway through to our destination, the raindrops start to fall. The rain gets stronger and so we walk faster even as our meeting clothes begin to look sorry. As we tried to move more quickly, we passed by another group and one person in the group said to his companions: "Ulan lang yan. Lilipas din yan." (That's just rain. This will be over too.) Well, we got to our destination more wet than we had wanted to be but we at least received an important reminder which my boss was quick to point out.

This too shall pass. Our basketball team's missing even the bronze medal is quickly replaced by jubilation over Mikee Cojuangco's unexpected gold. Looking around, there are a lot of things which we hope will be over and believe me, they will be, in time.

So, as I sit here finding it difficult to write as regularly as before, I know that just like the rain, this seeming "dry period" shall pass too...

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[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, October 16, 2002]

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