Galunggong, the Sequel

The internet has been painfully slow in the last few days so that's my excuse for not writing. Faster though than anyone could spell G-A-L-U-N-G-G-O-N-G, President GMA's reference to P60 a kilo galunggong has our nation's housewives up in arms.

The galunggong is once again at the forefront of our nation's consciousness. Tune in to an AM radio station today and all you'll get are surveys as to how much the fish costs in markets our homemakers frequent. The galunggong has truly taken its place in Philippine political history, with our female presidents (President GMA and President Cory) using it to describe how things have gone economically.

Maybe it should replace the bangus as our national fish?

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, July 24, 2002]

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