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Adi was disappointed today. He was hoping there would still be no classes because of the rains (Hooray! My son's normal - he'd rather stay at home than go to school...). As early as last night, he was already asking me if there was going to be school today. There was no announcement yet so I told him I would listen to the radio this morning.

As soon as he got up, he asked: "What did the radio say?" Not too eager to disappoint but wanting to let the truth out sooner I said: "You already have classes today." I could swear I saw a look of frustration but it was gone soon enough. You know how quickly kids can recover.

After awhile, it started to rain quite hard (again) and Adi burst into the room saying: "Mommy, it's raining again!" I could hear the excitement in his voice which sort of said: "Tell them to call classes off..." or "Tell me I don't need to go..." For a moment there I believed I had it in my power to do just that and didn't have to rely on the DepEd.

Anyway, it was off to school today. Mom ain't all-powerful...

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, July 10, 2002]

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