Adi-tives (or Adi's Contributions to Recent Conversations)

Adi-tive Number 1:

We were at the hospital waiting for our turn with Adi and Ali's pediatrician. My OB passes by and engages us in conversation. She asks Adi: "Do you want Mommy to be pregnant again? Do you want to have another baby?"

Adi pauses and replies: "I'll think about it." (Now you know who takes responsibility for family planning in our home.)

Adi-tive Number 2:

Setting: Our bedroom. Adi and I were in the middle of some activity (I don't remember what now) and suddenly, I needed a pen. Talking to myself, I wondered aloud: "Now where did I put my pen?"

Adi says quite loudly: "Use your head mom!" (Maybe that should have been eyes instead?)

Adi-tive Number 3:

Someone give Adi the answer to do this: "Why are there more weekdays than weekends?" Good question. Next question please...

Watch out for more Adi-tives once in awhile. That kid says a mouthful...

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, June 17, 2002]

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