Listening to AM radio can really give you something to laugh or smile about even in the midst of chaos or downright irritating developments. Take for example this latest brouhaha at the House and at the Senate:

"Bakit kapag ang administrasyon ang lumipat sa oposisyon, balimbing ang tawag? Kapag oposisyon ang lumipat sa administrasyon, naliwanagan?" (Rough translation: "Why is it that when someone from the opposition sides with the administration, that person is called a turncoat? When it's the other way around, they say the other person was enlightened?")

Now fighting at the House: Martilyo Gang vs. Kandado Gang

Now fighting at the Senate: Angara Pals vs. Drilon-li Ones

Anyway, should we still vote in the next election? Still haven't found my answer to that one. Have a nice weekend everyone...

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, June 7, 2002]

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