Driving Miss Ali

Adi can't wait to learn how to drive. It's a long way off though before he turns 18. The other day, our conversation went like this:

Adi: When I'm 18, I'll drive Ali to ** (mentions the name of his pre-school here) ( He probably thinks his sister will be a kid forever, hmm...sounds like most parents we know.)

Mommy: When you're 18, Ali will be 12. She won't be going to ** anymore. You drive for me na lang.

Adi: Ok mommy. I'll drive for you. I'll drive you to Jollibee... (Goodness gracious, he actually thinks I like Jollibee as much as he does.)

Mommy: Jollibee? What will I do in Jollibee?

Adi: So we can get toys. (So it's not the food, after all.)

Mommy: But when you're 18, you wouldn't want to play with toys anymore...

Adi: Yes, I will. (Probably thinks he'll remain a kid forever too...Which is not too bad when you think about it - having all your concerns looked after)

Don't we all wish we could be kids forever secretly? Nope, this is not a shameless plug for Return to Neverland but go see the Peter Pan sequel anyway. I'm sure your kids are looking forward to it. Anyway, that was just one honest question...

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, April 30, 2002]

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