A Poem for Ali

Our daughter, Ali, is 2 months old today. On the occasion of her baptism, her grandfather (my hubby's dad) wrote her a poem. My father-in-law likewise wrote a poem for me recently but that's another story. Still, how many wives can boast of that fact? Anyway, here goes Grandpa's poem for Ali.

How strange it is to love someone
You haven't met before;
Whose eyes you haven't gazed into
Whose smile you've never known!

And yet your tiny hands and feet
And lips so small and sweet,
will always bring back memories
of her I most adore!

Welcome to the family,
we wish you all the best.
Your coming brings us so much joy
For we have all been blest!

With little left to say for now,
Here's to more loving years,
From you and Adi, mom and Dad,
And just a pinch of tears.


Enough said.

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, April 18, 2002]

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