A Lesson Learned Well

How often do your kids ask you to look for things they themselves use? "Mommy, where's my book?" "Mommy, where's my toy?" If these queries do not find their way into your house, consider yourself doubly blessed. I mean, having a kid who may ask you those questions is blessing enough.

Adi has a habit of asking me those questions. It has come to a point when I would repeatedly spout: "Use your eyes, not your mouth."

The other day, I misplaced my slippers. I asked: "Adi, did you see my slippers? Can you help me look for them?"

The slippers had been accidentally kicked (I suppose) and were now under the bed. Adi found them and quietly gave them to me. I then said, gratefully: "Thank you, Adi."

I wasn't getting away scot-free though. A few seconds after Adi handed me my slippers, he said: "I used my eyes."

My husband says I should have said: "Well, I used my mouth and found the slippers anyway." But that's not a lesson we don't want Adi to learn, do we? Maybe, when he's older...

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, April 17, 2002]

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