If the saying "only the paranoid survive" is the least bit true, then we Filipinos must be champion survivors. Yesterday, a Luzon-wide black-out hit at about 5pm and lasted anywhere from three to four hours, depending on where you were and the first thing that most people thought of was that there probably was a coup.

Turning to the radio for news on what caused the black-out was not of much help. A corporate communications guy from NAPOCOR was not helping the situation any. His statements were vague and contradicting. Like he was saying that the Sual plant didn't cause this but they're still looking into the reason. If an investigation was still on-going, how could he tell the Sual plant didn't have anything to do with the black-out?

Some of the newspapers today now carry reports of them jellyfishes again. In 1999, I think, a Luzon-wide black-out was also caused by, you guessed it, jellyfish. If this time the jellyfishes had a hand in this again, then brace yourselves for a similar situation years from now. If something happens once, it may not happen again. If something happens twice, though, it's sure to happen a third time. Anyway, the lights are back on again. Till the next jellyfish attack...

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, November 5, 2001]

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