Goodbye, Lampin

Of course we're not referring to the website. You see, Adi had a deal with his lola (grandmother) that when he turns 5, he'll be giving up his lampin (cloth diaper which acts as some security blanket for him as he thumb sucks). Well, last night, Adi had a major triumph. He handed all his lampins to his lola for safekeeping and proceeded to sleep for the night.

At about 4am, though, he woke up crying, frantically looking around his bed for his lampin. I had to remind him that he had given all his lampins to lola as part of a deal. He then tearfully said: "I want one lampin." The next few minutes, found us knocking at lola's door to ask for one precious lampin. I guess he just wasn't ready yet.

Come morning, Adi gave back his lampin to me. He now says that he'll only need a lampin when he's sleeping which is a big improvement. Previously, he had it in the car, in his room, and just about anywhere which wasn't too public. Well, some things really take time.

Now he promises us that he'll give up his lampin, even when sleeping, when he turns 6. We'll see. Being parents for 5 years now, we have learned to be more patient.

[By Angelica Viloria | Saturday, October 13, 2001]

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