The Gift

Today is my beloved son Adi's 5th birthday. Time really flies fast. If my son were in college, he would have finished an Accounting course by now.

Later today, the whole family will be going to mass to celebrate this special day. I have been trying to teach Adi the reason for doing so and have told him in the past, that we must thank God for the "gift of life."

I was checking on him the other day to see if he remembered why we would be going to mass today. My officemate, Mildred, happened to give Adi an early gift that day so when I asked him what we will be going to mass for, Adi replied: to say thank you for the gift of...Tita Mildred.

Well, kids will be kids. Then again, he might have meant looking at people around us as gifts we encounter every single day. Kids are so smart, you can never guess what they're thinking.

So, to my loving son, Adi, happy 5th birthday. As your daddy wrote in your baby book when asked about his wish for you five years ago: may you grow up healthy, loving, and hilariously rich.

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, October 12, 2001]

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