To Text or Not to Text

Believe it or not, my cellphone is still not capable of texting. It's not even on, most of the time. A cellphone for me, is my way, of getting in touch with people, when I need to. Don't call me. I'll call you. That sort of stuff. Besides, you can always reach me via a landline or better yet, e-mail.

My hubby tried to get me hooked on texting by getting my friend since my elementary days, Adi's Ninang Suzi, to text me once in awhile through his phone. No such luck. After a few attempts, I got tired from "failed text" attempts or super-delayed answers. Once I texted my friend out of boredom while waiting for my OB-Gyne. This was at about 9am in the morning. I got her reply late in the afternoon as that was the only time she got my message. At least, she figured correctly that I was done with the doctor.

Two things good about not texting: I don't need to murder my spelling or the English language nor do I get Bin Laden jokes which can get me in trouble if I happened to be in Belgium. This early, though, I've already identified the day when I will finally say: "Texting is for me." That's when Adi wants his own cellphone.

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, October 5, 2001]

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