Here We Go Again

On some days, I am convinced, that if the Filipino gene were taken apart and studied closely, we would find strains of masochism. There seems to be something about us that hates lulls or periods of quiet. There always has to be something happening. Let me restate that, there always has to be something bad happening.

I was listening to the radio this evening and arrived at home disgusted. New accusations have again been hurled against the First Gentleman. Spokespersons for the First Gentleman, on the other hand, have countered accusations about the improper use of PCSO funds and the existence of a Department of Underground.

In the investigation against Senator Lacson and in connection with Rosebud's testimony, a witness has come forward to accuse Col. Victor Corpus of grave threats and coercion (to the extent that he was warned he could be killed if he refused to testify against Lacson).

Another member of the Uratex family was kidnapped and has been killed. I hate writing about such things because they don't exactly paint a good picture of the Philippines. Then again, it is the picture we see from time to time.

All these news, particularly those pitting one person's word against the other, can be quite tiring. Obviously, someone is not telling the truth. In the end though, the truth will come out.

Mahatma Gandhi once said (and this quote, I surprisingly found in the September 26 issue of Standard & Poor's CreditWeek where the Editor wrote about the September 11 event): "When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS."

As sure as things we don't like are happening around us, rest assured that history is being written and truth and love will always make the ending a happy one. Especially, for a country like ours.

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, October 3, 2001]

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