Starting Them Young

Every night, my son Adi, sees me here in front of this computer and when his dad tells him not to bother me, the reason given is that I am typing my article.

Yesterday, Adi wanted to use this computer and we heard him saying: "I want to type my article." Wow, for a 4-year old, that's pretty early. When I asked him though what his article was, he said: "My name." Well, that's how all writer-wannabes start out anyway. We want to see our byline. We want to write a book. I hope when he really understands what an article is, he'll still want to write.

Speaking of writing, I haven't been able to write in the last few days as I have been knocked out early at night. Yesterday was Family Day at La Salle. It was fun but tiring. Just like having kids.

[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, September 23, 2001]

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