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When the Senate schedules a public hearing on this Ping Lacson case, someone in my family gets sick. Must be a reflection of how most people feel about all these developments. Things are getting to be quite sickening.

Was that a hearing we witnessed or was it a campaign? Every now and then, I would hear a senator talking about what he did, what bill he filed, what concern he had. Most of the time, I get the feeling that finding out the truth is not the foremost objective. Looking good or knowledgeable is. Sadly though, they fumble in trying to achieve their objective.

Did you catch the testimony of the Indian national ( I couldn't quite get his name) whom Col. Corpus presented? Ador Mawanay certainly sounds more believable. And why didn't they get his sworn statement/affidavit ready first before presenting him? He hardly said anything specific, except to accuse Erap, Jinggoy and the rest of their gang.

(Note from Manuel: That surprise witness was Dani Devnani.)

Let's see how this guy who called Lacson the "Utak" ("meaning the brain") of all sorts of crimes turns out. As for my son, who's sick and who has a fever after hitting his head during a fall yesterday afternoon, we continue to observe and to pray that he will get better soon. Having vomited early this morning, we're a bit worried but the doctor tells us to observe first. He'll be fine.

Good night.

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, August 23, 2001]

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