Loving With All Your Soul

We missed the musical Little Mermaid when it was first staged last year. My son was only turning 4 then and he didn't particularly relish seeing an evil character like Crustacea, although he was more familiar with Ursula, the sea witch in the cartoon version. A year sure makes a big difference. This year and with my son expecting to be a kuya (big brother) soon (yes, that's what he told me exactly, "because I'm a kuya na), he bravely told me that he was now ready to watch the Little Mermaid, witch and all.

I read in the papers that Trumpets (the group mounting the show) already cut some portions and songs out to make the story tighter and for kids not to get too bored and restless. The show was still a bit too long though, with my son asking after every song: "Is it finished na?"

We managed to sit through the whole show though and we did enjoy the colorful and creative sets and costumes. How they make it appear like someone is actually swimming underwater was really memorable. These, together with the performances of Dianne de la Fuente as the Little Mermaid and Shiela Francisco as Crustacea, make for a show which is still worthwhile to see. The songs and lyrics though, are not too memorable and I can't think of any song in particular which stood out.

The over-all message of the show is also positive. The Little Mermaid talks about wanting to learn about how it feels to "love someone with all your soul." Lessons of self-sacrifice and giving of one's self and how these are eventually related to one's relationship with God are worth noting.

Speaking of God, I was listening to the radio this morning (as you can see, this is a habit) when Fr. Tito Caluag, S.J., made a statement which really struck me: "Walang aksidente sa plano ng Diyos." (There are no accidents when it comes to God's plans.) So, should you find yourself in a situation which is not too pleasant or which you do not seem to understand, remember this statement. Remember too that God loves all of us, with all His soul and with all His life.

Blessings on you and yours.

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, August 22, 2001]

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